"Caoimhe leaves me notes scattered like wind-blown petals, declaring love; small scraps of paper inscribed with a blueprint for the universe."

"Andy has taught us so much; patience, understanding, the ability to go with the flow and to not worry about things that don't matter."

"Phoebe has made a difference to so many family members and friends because of her beautiful nature and attitude to life."

"Early on, a wise person said to me that we shouldn't change our life plans because of the Down syndrome, but I didn't believe them. Now, I do."

"Josh is the only person I have ever met who is without envy, greed or malice."

"We aren't special, but we are different, because we have Perri in our family to remind us of what is important in life."

"An important thing we have learnt from Claudia: disability is only a word for some people without it."

"I thank Kimba for the gift she gave me to understand that sometimes different is a very wonderful thing."

"We will always be in Tiana's corner, cheering her, guiding her, but most of all loving her."

Now I See: The Enriching Journey of Raising Children with Down Syndrome

The Now I See Project shares personal and poignant stories to dispel outdated ideas and shed light on the potential and possibilities for people with Down syndrome today. We also seek to empower the voices of people with Down syndrome, their families and friends.

Now I See is a non-profit project, with proceeds used for distributing our book, Now I See: The Enriching Journey of Raising Children with Down Syndrome, to new parents and health professionals.

Reviews for Now I See

"A wonderful book, not just for new parents of a child who has Down syndrome, but for all parents. Now I See details personal accounts of individuals and their families, the lives they lead, and the love that their parents want you to know about. This is not just a resource about what it may be like to have a child with Down syndrome, it is an honest celebration that offers wisdom and experience from one parent to another.”

Sonia Bonadio - Family Support Manager Down Syndrome Victoria and parent.

"A beautiful, balanced resource for expectant parents deciding whether to access antenatal screening or afterwards, when processing a diagnosis."

Dr Alison Soerensen FRACGP

"A honest and inspiring account from real people's lives. Love this book and the hope it gives families that firstly, they are not alone and secondly, they can live full lives with just a little extra chromosome. Well written and highly recommend."

Jay Jeffries, mother of Tuscan, who has Down syndrome

"Now I See is the book I wish I had when my son with Down syndrome was born - honest, loving accounts from parents of children with an extra chromosome that bring hope and a sense of community to families just starting out on their own journeys."

Sarah Foley, mother of Rohan, who has Down syndrome